Anita Bennett, Founder & Financial Advisor

About us

A Vancouver born and Vancouver Island raised SFU Business Graduate who started her career specializing in Marketing. Anita Fantov has been working with families since 2010, when she started her first business, a play cafe called Kinder Cafe which was located in Port Coquitlam, BC. Her cafe was dedicated to providing a safe place for the community to connect with their children.

Anita has always had a desire to help people and make an impact in their lives. She believes that a financial plan is the backbone of every family’s future success and is dedicated to her mission of providing families with the information they need to start the right savings plans for their children.

Having lost her father at the age of 29, and having lived the impact of her husband having a life-threatening illness, Anita understands how important it is to have disability and life insurance to protect a family’s future standard of living.

Anita is a mother of two and a step-mother to three children. When not educating parents on ways to save for their children’s future, she can be seen playing soccer in the Metro Women’s Soccer League and coaching her children’s soccer teams.

What We Are All About


We can help you look at the big picture and help you with planning your finances properly and effectively.


We can help you adjust your plan as your life changes, and provide support setting priorities if you have goals that conflict.


We can help you develop an investment strategy that fits your goals and your comfort level with risk.


Trust the experience that Million Dollar Baby provides, and rest assured that we will also work towards maximum satisfaction.

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